Our Constitution

SpringAid International Development (SAID), Nigeria is governed by our Constitution, Bylaws and other relevant policies adopted at the Annual General Meeting.


The aims and objectives of SpringAid International are:

  • To fight the root causes of poverty in all its forms and advance wealth creation in Nigeria.
  • Providing young people with awareness, education and information on healthy living especially in the area of sexual and reproductive adolescent health information and access to services through the promotion of safe and responsible sexual behavior, in contribution to the MDG 4 and 6 “reducing child mortality by two-thirds and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases”
  • To promote and improve the health, environment, educational, adequate nutrition and better standards of living of the community especially for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), women, the elderly and other vulnerable groups in the society; and mitigate the impacts of HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and Poverty on them, and provide them with psychosocial support;
  • To promote entrepreneur skill development and facilitate practical assistance of micro finance to small and medium scale enterprises including Capacity building support for civil society organizations, governmental and non-governmental agencies to improve their advocacy skills, accountability, positive response to youth concerns, knowledge of gender issues, etc.
  • To promote sustainable democracy, strengthening democratic institutions and to encourage broader participation in political process through interventions for the promotion of good governance, respect for rule of law and elimination of corruption at all levels of Nigerian society.
  • To strengthen and support the leadership capacities of youth leaders’ particularly women and girls including those living with HIV/AIDS and other similar challenges.
  • To encourage health promotion, environmental sustainability policies and support innovative ideas in providing shelter for the poor.
  • To promote gender issues especially gender equality, gender equality, quality education to children and prevention of gender violence, and mainstreaming in all its projects and programmes.