Human Rights/Women- Empowernment

Freedom, Human/Civil Rights, Democracy Advocacy

In order to protect the freedom and rights of individuals and ensure peaceful conflict resolution, well functioning systems of justice are necessary that provide all – including the poor – with access to justice. Development and implementation of strategies related to the rule of law, access to justice and human rights, court representation of prison inmates and awaiting trial detainees. This section is being led by Barrister Francis Igiriogu.

SpringAid International works to promote free, democratic societies where freedom of expression is respected and the democratic code of conduct is observed. All citizens must have the right and the opportunity to take part in political processes, elect their leaders and hold them accountable.

Freedom, human rights and democracy are fundamental values and objectives in themselves and promoting them is a key priority in our development cooperation. Democratic societies based on the rule of law provide equal opportunities for people to express themselves participate actively in society and make decisions about their own lives. A justice system that is well functioning and independent is an important precondition for economic growth and prosperity.

Therefore, SpringAid International works to:

• Strengthen the implementation of human rights and access to justice.
• Support the development of democratic institutions and broad participation in political processes.
• Strengthen interventions for the promotion of good governance in democratic societies based on the rule of law.
• Fight corruption at all levels of society.
• Strengthen independent, diverse civil societies in developing countries.