Yourh Leadership Training

Governance, Leadership: Our style is the Scandinavian model of leadership rooted in a culture of trust, teamwork and respect for the individual. We help organizations identify new ways to serve and support people by uncovering their latent needs, behaviours, and desires. Our leadership workshop teams are based in Europe with a few based in Nigeria. Good governance in SpringAid International development cooperation encompasses respect for democracy, human rights, pluralism, and free public debate, the rule of law, competent public administration and sustainable economic development.

Good governance is decisive for creating favorable framework conditions for the private sector and the efficient supply of services. It is simultaneously decisive for creating a public sector that is able to cover the basic needs of the population. Corruption poisons development, hits the poorest the hardest and reduces the legitimacy of the state. It undermines the work of the public sector and hinders economic growth. Therefore, fighting all forms of corruption is vital aspect of SpringAid International human rights. Education, Competence Development SpringAid International holds the view that education is the bedrock of sustainable development.

Today is important to use the resources provided by the post modern ICT development. Therefore, we encourage education through advocating that education is a right for everybody and therefore should be free for all. To deny a child or any other person the possibility to be educated is to condemn that person to a life of poverty and unfulfillment. Education gives one advantage and an edge as the opportunities available to an individual increase and he or she gets luckier in life. We help also adults to learn basic elements of computer in order to keep up with the development of the 21 st century. SpringAid International runs a computer education and adult literacy center located at Ugwumabiri Market Ikenanzizi, Obowu, a town that lies 25 minutes from Owerri city where SpringAid International has its Nigeria head office.