Our Approach

Our Approach: We adopt an integrated right perspective to all our activities, projects and programs. Participation is at the core of everything SAID does. We work with people not just work for them. Therefore our method is to encourage community ownership of the projects we embark on. We work to achieve excellence in our field. The primary and overarching objective of our engagement is to eradicate poverty using a sustainable approach. The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are key to this. The SDGs are range of 17 goals with 169 targets that nations are to achieve by 2030. They were adopted by world leaders in 2015. Strategies are beeing worked out by the UN, other global bodies such as the World Bank to support the realization of these goals. Financing for these development goals are going to require leveragin resources from private and public resources. The work of sustainable development is very much like planting and watering a plant until it grows. It also involves pruning the tree so that its freshness can be sustained.

Management Structure

SpringAid International Development (SAID), Nigeria is unique in the nonprofit sector in Nigeria. It is a membership based organization. The highest decision making body is the Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is the body that elects the board members who have oversight function over the management staff and ensure that the vision, objectives, and constitution and relevant external and internal policies are observed. SAID Nigeria collaborates with other independent SAID country affilaites in the UK, Sweden, USA, Cameroon and Switzerland .

 SpringAid International has three management structures with departmental heads. They are:

  1. Administrative: This department is headed by the human resource manager; it oversees the day to day running of the administrative head office of the organization and its affiliate groups.
  2. Programme: This is the department that sees to the Proposal development, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects. It compiles reports and documents projects activities and projects carried out.
  3. Account: This department oversees grant management from donor agencies and organizations. It also contributes to proposal development with specific focus on the budget. It monitors incomes and expenditures of the organization. It records all financial transactions within the organization and also sees to staff salaries and pension.


SAID is staffed with experienced and competent individuals with vast experience and the organization builds staff capacity by supporting staff training both local and overseas to enhance their performance in various areas. The core staff is made up of the Executive Director, Operations Director, Programme Manager, Accountant, Human Resource Manager, Project/programme officers and Administrative/Finance Officer. The organization also has volunteers, interns and industrial training staffs are part of the work force.

Partners and Supporters

The work and responsibility of development is not what one organization can do all alone. So in the spirit of building partnership to improve the lives of men, women, youths and children, we partners with both local and international organizations to achieve our objectives in eradicating poverty.