Building for a Safe and Healthy Family Life


Calls for expression of interests have gone out from Prince Joseph Nwosu- Okorie, our Communication Manager for SpringAid International Development (SAID) Nigeria 2020/21 phase of Social Housing for extremely poor households in Owerri. If you have not seen that call please subscribe to any of our platforms so that you receive news and updates from us.

The fast-moving challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic adds another urgent reason to ensure that people can shelter at home and protect their health and families. Proper housing is a matter of life and death in the current pandemic as people are asked to stay at home to protect themselves against the coronavirus. Home has become more important than ever.

Sub- Saharan Africa cities are expanding rapidly. The UN also estimates more than 200 million people in the region will leave in slums by the end of 2020 (UN-Habitat 2014) with the slum population growing at 4.5 percent annually, a rate which will result in doubling the slum population in 15 years (Marx et al. 2013). By 2050, Nigeria alone will contribute nearly 10 percent of the world's total population growth.

Although housing is a necessity of life, rapid urbanization has made access to decent housing to become elusive to many in most Nigerian cities (Aribigbola, 2008) especially to vulnerable people, the poorest of the poor. This is because the demand for housing and basic services has outstripped its supply in this country (UN-HABITAT, 2010).

Owerri City will continue to grow as people search for jobs, stability and the promise of a better life. While progress has been made, the City’s ability to meet the housing demand of the global urban population is currently outpaced by the rate of urbanization and the inadequate attention being paid to housing challenges by the Government.

Without adequate and affordable housing; without land rights, more and more families are at risk of poverty and insecurity. The current coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of housing as the means of protection against deadly diseases. A proper home has become the most important remedy. But it is not accessible to all.

SAID Nigeria works for access to decent housing because it is foundational to individuals and families, to the communities in which we live and to the economies in which we all participate.

Since the out-break of Covid-19, we have been having discussions with the network we helped the clients of our past housing projects to form as well as all stakeholders and all the families who have appealed to us for assistance to have a home.

In addition, we have been talking with SpringAid International Development (SAID Sweden) and SpringAid International Development, UK concerning the possibility of partnering to provide more homes for some extremely poor households who could not be included in the last project of 2018 and new cases because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The idea in this phase of SpringAid Social Housing is to support households that are forced to live in overcrowded, unhealthy and insecure conditions, and where a full and healthy family life is simply not possible and in constant risk of eviction. In this way, we would be contributing towards the improvement of urban living conditions to the poorest families.

SAID Nigeria believes that sustainable change can only be achieved if actors within the local context take actions. When these actors, in their different capacities, stand up for human rights to a descent home, they become change agents.

SpringAid International Development (SAID) social housing is perhaps the first and the only one of its kind in the entire southeastern Nigeria.

We invite philanthropists to come join us to bring sustainable change in the lives of those who otherwise would not have access to a descent home. The photograph is shows some beneficaries standing in front of one of the homes and showing appreciation. Please the house are given free of charge. Do not pay anyone neither for the forms or for the houses.

Chiamaka Ekwueme

Community Engagement Officer

SAID Nigeria