Business converging with development.

Sustainability has in our digital world become the watch word for businesses. Studies demonstrate and support this fact. It is agreed by most players in the field of business and organizational development that no group of individuals or organizations can provide all the solutions that can be effective and fruitful at local, national and global levels. For sustainability to happen, collaborative, multidisciplinary approaches are needed, accompanied by innovative technologies or applications and new ways of doing business. There is convergence of interests between business and developments are shaping a whole new way of doing business in emerging markets.

Businesses are looking to emerging markets for new growth opportunities. It is increasingly being recognized that not for profit organizations or charities are important partners in this new development. Not for profit organizations in social enterprises are no longer seen as simply charities, but important partners in the financial ecosystem.

Not for profit are proving that by fighting poverty at the village level through community-led development, through social entrepreneurship communities can achieve the Millennium Development Goals — global targets for reducing extreme poverty and hunger by half and improving education, health, gender equality and environmental sustainability — by 2015, and escape the extreme poverty that traps hundreds of millions of people throughout the continent.

To this end, the convergence of businesses and development is good news. As we look forward towards a development network framework beyond 2015, the role of the convergence of businesses and development will become increasingly important and prominent. Any development framework adopted by the global community beyond 2015 must focus on the causes of poverty and not just on the symptoms as it is the case with MDGS.

Paul Ekezie
Port Harcourt Coordinator