The fight against poverty cannot be won if we all just fold our hands and watch. The poor and the marginalized in our society cannot do much for themselves if the society feels unconcerned about their plight. Poverty cannot be eradicated without creating wealth for the people. When you train and mobilize one person, you have also trained and mobilized a family and thus the society at large. SPRINGAID INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT(SAID) have b...een doing a lot in this aspect and are assiduously trying to do more and so we came up with this initiative. We are very thankful to our foreign partner (Santa Maria Magdalena) who bought the idea/initiative and made a donation to sponsor the project.

The project has been gradually progressing. The deck has been cast. Though we are faced with some challenges ranging from the changes made from the original drawing which was three class rooms and three offices but there is need for additional rooms to accommodate the number of people that will enroll for the program for a particular session. Another challenge we are faced is lack of adequate space for expansion therefore, we decided to convert it to a storey building. Yet another challenge we are faced is the present economic recession in the country which has made the cost of building materials to skyrocket by 80 percent and labour and transportation by 50 percent. Being faced with all these challenges, we are appealing to the philanthropists, donors and people of good will to donate charitably to this noble cause.

This project is well designed to help in creating wealth for the poor and marginalized in the society. Your donations will help in bringing smiles to the poor and marginalized ones in the society and to those around them. It will go a long way in bringing this noble cause to a fruitful realization. SAID is working audaciously in the fight against poverty by wealth creation. Join us today so that our society will be a better place to live. No amount is too little, we will appreciate every donation you'll make.

Arch. Teddy Ihens
Director of Operations