Democracy Day 2012

SpringAid International as part of it's effort to promote democratic culture observes Democracy Day every year on September 17. We carried out  a series of activities this year to mark the day. In a nation where the meaning of democracy is yet to be understood and appreciated, it is vital that lovers of democracy make every effort to sensitize young and old in the country. We paid visits to a couple of primary and secondray schools in Imo, Abia, Lagos and Delta States where young school children shared their views about democracy and their wishes for the nation to develop into a more democratic culture. During the visits, many of the schools confirmed our conviction that democratic method is one of the best systems that ensures the protection of human rights and sustainable development.

In this regard, it is important that we preserve programs that promote democracy in the country. Democracy is not just about organizing elections and electing individuals into positions of power. It has to do with the whole process of creating and building democratic institutions and upholding democratic values, freedom of expression, equality of all persons, respect for the dignity of individual human beings, rule of law, justice and protection for the human and civil rights of all persons.