Does the scourge of poverty among our people touch our leaders?

Every nation no matter how poor we think they might be has enough resources to take care of its people. Nigeria has more than enough to eradicate poverty from every citizen and give opportunity to a dignified life for all her citizens. What a shame that the Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah could buy two luxury armoured cars for her private use worth $1.6 (255 million Naira). Let's say that Nigeria population is 200 million people. Now, if the money she has stolen to buy just two cars for herself is shared to every Nigeria, each individual will receive over 1million Naira. Poverty, hunger and unemployment is ravaging our country, yet a national leader can act in this disparaging and hateful way to its own people.

Why are we Nigerians allowing coruption to destroy our nation and our people? Why are good, honest and God fearing people in Nigeria remaining silent? For how long will Nigerians continue to condole the fraudulent acts of her leaders? Nigeria has no national Airline, yet a Minister of Aviation is stealing from over 165 million Nigerians. Corruption will likely continue to hold us captive as long as those who steal with impunity from us continue to go scott free and even receive the blessings of their families, communities and those entrusted with enforcing the our legislations and policies. What will be the outcome of the probe mandated by the House of Representatives. Your guess is as good as ours judging from pass probes of corrupt practices