Fighting Poverty- A Global Challenge.


As I passed 6th Street in Austin Texas this evening, I saw real poverty There were homeless people sleeping under bridges. Some wash windscreens of vehicles on traffic just like people do on traffics in Nigeria. Some people approached to ask for assistance. This shows in the midst of abundance people can still lack. Opportunity has to be given otherwise resources do not translate to transform lives.

I suppose many of these poor are immigrants and African Americans. They came to this country believing it is the land of opportunities. För some, their families are proud that they have a family member in the US.

Poverty is recognized today as an injustice. Gandhi called poverty the greatest .violence to any individual or group.

Earlier during the day, I had visited the head office of Glimmer of Hope an international charity foundation founded by a couple Philip and Donna Berber in 2000. This charity is doing a fantastic work of fighting poverty in Ethiopia by tackling issues of WASH, access to education and micro finance.

Here in Austin, local charities rreceive support from Glimmer Austin that acts as an angel investor, providing docial seed capital to nonprofit startups in Austin where one of five people live in poverty.

SpringAid International Development is hapoy to identify with the work of Glimmer of Hope Foundation whose mission is to eliminate poverty and illuminate lives. Glimner of Hope,s holistic method replaces the cycle of poverty with a cycle of Hope. This is very similar to SAID giving a spring time for people living in poverty the opportunity to break the bark of poverty. Yes, without opportunity to break entrenched poverty the cycle of poverty continues for generations. The fight against poverty is both a moral and an ethical obligation.

I like to thank Michele Freeman at the Glimmer of Hope Foundation who received us. We hope to leran from the success story of a Glimmer of Hope in our work.

Chikezie Onuoha writes from Austin capital of the State of Texas, USA, for a non profit international development organization, SpringAid International Development, SAID Nigeria.