International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

In the picture, SAID personnel, engages a group of women in capacity building on how to break the bark of poverty. This serves as part of a larger programme on the implementation of SAID's new model of poverty eradication called. Poverty Graduation Model. This means that those who have gone through this school will most certainly escape the dehumanizing effect of poverty. The implementation of this programme will take off fully next year.

Poverty has no business with us in the midst of plenty. The existence of poverty is scandalous and morally and ethically unjustifiable. For those who are religious, you may know that no 'God' ever created poverty. Poverty is human made. It is caused not by lack of resources but through its mismanagement and poor and criminal policies of individuals and governments.

The good news is that the generation to break the scourge of poverty is here and now. Many reasons have been given as to why poverty is endemic in our world. Whatever the reasons may be all people are agreed that our world have more than enough resources to break the bark of poverty. What a pity that many people who are entrusted with our resources in Nigeria horde them for themselves, families and friends. When parents are creating empires for their children, they tend to forget that what is important is not what you leave for your children but what you leave inside them.

When you horde money and resources that you should use to help your neighbour who is most in need of it now, you do disservice both to yourself, your children and those who now are most in need of the resources you horde for your children. Do you realize that by hording and keeping excess money for your children, you deny them the joy of personal accomplishment. This is sad indeed.

I once listened to Bill Gate when he said that he is not saving money for his children. They must have their own chance to enjoy their accomplishments. Why do our leaders then horde our resources? You see that those who horde resources that are needed here and now are not in fact intelligent. If they were intelligent, they would not be indulged in stealing the our common patrimony. When they die, their children hardly know how to manage the stolen resources.

SpringAid International Development (SAID) understands this truth about our life and reality. That is why since 2009 we have been using all that we have to fight poverty. This burden on the shoulders of our people must be lifted. This will happen if everyone makes a modest effort.

The MDGs have demonstrated that poverty can be defeated in our time. Poverty has been reduced by half from 2000 - 2015. The recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDSs), provide us the need opportunity to end poverty once and for all in our generation. Yes, we can do this!

Teddy Ihens

SAID, Director of Operations