Today, SAID Nigeria joins the International Community in celebrating the International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM. About 20 million girls and women have been victims of female genital mutilation, (FGM), in Nigeria of 200 million women and girls who have been victims of it all over the world, making it the country with the highest burden of FGM. Female Genital Mutilation is illegal in Nigeria, but there has been no conviction since the law forbidden it was past in 2015. SAID Nigeria is fighting FGM community by community in an innovative way that goes beyond legislation to ensure that we end this harmful traditional practice. The EndFGM social mobilization effort have made measurable progress in changing attitudes towarding end FGM. We extend our appreciation to all the communities that are working with us to bring this practice to an end. We cannot forget the Girl Generation, our partner that is sponsoring our community mobilization.