Nigerians, stop talking and Start Acting

Nigeria remains one of the most corrupt nations in the world, according to the 2013 report by Transparency International.
In the group’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2013, Nigeria ranked 144th, out of 177 nations in the world, scoring 25 points out of a possible 100 points. Nigeria’s corruption performance 2013 was worse than last year’s, when it scored 27 points.

Unfortunately, someone who calls himself Reno Omokri and claims to be Special Assistant to the President is busy using social media to deny that Transparency International has released its report. It is important that remind people like Reno Omokri that no one stands to win at the end of the day by continued corruption in Nigeria. All Nigerians are loser in allowing corruption to hold us captive. I read a commentary on corruption in Nigeria and how we are all involved in it. I think it captures and important phenomenon on corruption in Nigeria. I beg to cite it its entirety:

"Sometimes I marvel at the naivety of non-Nigerians who analyze this country and proffer 'solutions'. The only thing more astounding to me is the blind faith of many Nigerians that some messianically righteous deliverer will arise one day and make everything okay. If you look around, you will understand the only thing that distinguishes the leaders from the led is the magnitude of the opportunity to steal obscene quantities of money.
Poor plumbers and mechanics, middle class lecturers and professionals and wealthy business people are all endemically corrupt in their thinking and actions. It is an entrenched cultural phenomenon, and where people are outraged it is only because they have not gotten their own opportunity to manifest the criminal tendencies as profitably as they would like to. This will not change, and Nigeria is not unique. Everywhere on earth that you encounter countries and communities of sub-Saharan African descent, this same corruption problem dominates. Until the culture changes, it will always be so. Only time will tell if the leopard can ever change its spots.”

The war against corruption cannot be won until every Nigerian begins to shun this practice in her or his daily dealings with fellow Nigerians. It is not the problem of the leaders alone. It is an institution that each person must have the courage to say NO. The moral courage to do this sadly is in short supply among most Nigerians. Once again, the call of SpringAid International is that every Nigerian should create the Nigerian they wish to have. The transformation begins with each of us. Let us stop blaming the leaders and take our own responsibility. We have all contributed in creating the culture that makes even the best Nigerian corrupt. We believe we can fix this challenge if we have the will and commitment.

Barrister Francis Igiriogu MSc
SpringAid International Development