Our Improved Logo


I’m Chikezie Onuoha and I'm the Founder of SpringAid International Development, SAID, a global non-profit now present in six countries. I wanted to quickly say hello and present our refined logo to you.

On behalf of myself and the entire SpringAid International Development Team, I like you to know that we're excited to know that you have interest in the work we do to end poverty in our world especially for poor and marginalized women and children around the globe.

THANK YOU for joining us in choosing a refined logo for SpringAid International Development, SAID. Many of you voted for your favorites among the different logo types presented by Design crowd. We enjoyed working to make the logo and appreciate your participation. The logo you now see on our page came first in the poll taken among the different logo designs. This logo will now replace the logos being used by our global family in the countries where our SAID family exists.

The world ‘SpringAid’ is a play on word in two languages. It is a play on the meaning of the word in English and Swedish. The logo symbol represents the letters S S and when taken together translates to B. That means we can read the symbol as SB. Spring is water and water is life. SpringAid, as the new implies, hopes to bring a spring time in the life of individuals and communities. SAID mission is to be the water of life for poor and marginalized people especially women and children. It is meant to be a springboard for in the fight to end extreme poverty. Spring time is also the season of growth and the Symbol in the logo SB means ‘Successful billionaire’ or ‘successful business’ when read in English. The word ‘spring’ in Swedish means run. This means to run to the ‘aid’ and with ‘aid’ to the poor. The word ‘spring’ in Swedish underscores the urgency of the fight to end poverty and hunger. Those who have the opportunity and possibility to aid the poor should do it with haste.