The fight for a HIV/AIDS free world requires the engagement of stakeholders and active community engagement. This is why SAID is engaging at all levels in its effort to contribute in eliminating HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. As part of our on-going awareness raising, sensitization and mobilization, we have been engaging with different groups of people at various levels. On the 19th of September 2016, SpringAid Internat...ional Development- SAID at our Community Engagement Centre Office at Achingali Obowo had a meeting with the Community Action Group (CAGs) from the 18 Communities in the three local Government SAID is presently implementing PMTCT. They were mobilized for In-Home-Visit in their various communities. SAID Director of Operations, Architect Teddy Ihens welcomed the participants who gave reports on their mobilization and sensitization to encourage communities actively work for an end to the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. They lamented on the kind of treatment they receive from people. Regretably, the stigma and discrimination that are attached to HIV/AIDS is still very high in our communities. This is one of the greatest barriers to people going for voluntry testing to know their HIV status.

Some of our CAG members reported being chased away from the families they were visiting . The fear surrounding the mentioning of HIV/AIDs is still enormous in such a way that many people in the various communities where we are implementing this project consider it as a death sentence. It is important that our people realize that medical science in the treatment of HIV has gone far in such away that HIV positive people can still live a normal life with early detection and faithfulness to medication regiments. We discussed ways we can help reduce stigma and discrimination still being associated with HIV/aids. We resolved to double our efforts in this challenge bearing in mind that nothing good comes easy. Everyone agreed to work very hard so as to contribute one's own quarter in fighting HIV/AIDS in Nigeria through increasing health literacy in our communities . Dr Fidelis Chikwem