SAID Umuchieze Town Hall Meeting

At Umuchieze Town Hall Meeting in Ahiazu Mbaise LGA, Tony Osuoha, SAID field officer, facilitated the presentation of PMTCT, he expressed his concern for women of child bearing age in the workshop. He told the community that the aim of PMTCT is to see a HIV free society for generation unborn and it is possible through concerted efforts and education of women of child bearing age, here in Umuchieze. 

He encouraged  HIV positive mothers to  avail themselves of PMTCT services through ante-natal and post-natal check-ups . HIV positive women should make sure that they take advantage of PMTCT services so as to ensure that their children are  born HIV free.

Our goal is to make a HIV free generation. The social and economic burden of this epidemic weighs greatly on those who are already socially and economically marginalized. That is why some have described HIV as the disease of the poor. The rich who got infected have the financial means to treat themselves. Parents have a moral responsibility to ensure that their children are born HIV free. 

Jovita Keshi

SAID, Community Engagement Coordinator