SpringAid Premium Table Water


We have been talking and writing on social entrepreneurship and impact investing to different audiences in Nigeria and around the globe through our sister organizations SAID UK, Sweden, USA and Cameroon. In Nigeria, we are making our words concrete. Creating wellbeing for every person on our planet is a possibility with commitment from countries, states, communities. This is possible where shared prosperity and wellbeing is the goal of all businesses and development work. Impact investing is one of the ways that we can speed social change and innovation.

SpringAid International Development (SAID) Nigeria is a non-profit development organization. Since our inception in 2009, we have been making great impact in the lives of those we serve in our thematic areas of focus, health promotion, entrepreneurship, micro finance, social housing, education /capacity building.

All our programmes, projects and activities are human right based. In order to increase the impact of our work, we decided to establish a water bottling company.

SpringAid Premium Table Water is a social enterprise to support our philanthropic programmes for the poor and marginalized especially women, youths and children. It will operate as one of the Products under SpringAid Social Invest, Ltd. The aim is first to create employment for our target group. Starting with bottled water, we shall expand later to include beverages.

The profit from this social company will 100% be used to support community development projects across Nigeria. It is our own brand of social investment which targets unemployment and poverty among our target groups.

Join us in making a great difference. Invest in this project. As far as we know, there is no where in Nigeria where are a company is established solely for social good. This nothing but doing business for social good.

Impact investing focuses on developing business solutions to the world's most pressing social problems. This project is an example of more targeted investment decisions helping us work effectively as an impact investment practitioner, developing an effective strategy and plan as well as measuring and assessing our impact.

SpringAid International Development (SAID) Nigeria is poised with its skills and knowledge to play its role as a key participant in community-based global change, promoting impact investing to break the bark of poverty and hunger in the world especially among marginalized women, youth and children.

Thank you for supporting the difference we are making in the the world

Teddy Ihens

C.E.O. SAID Nigeria