SpringAidInt'lD founder visits

Chikezie Onuoha, the founder of SpringAidInt'lD visited the organisation at its Owerri head office.
The meeting was an occassion to inspire and motivate the board, staff, volunteers and partners of SpringAidInt'lD on the vision and goals of the organisation. During his visit, networking visits were made to key community and development partners. For him, the most important thing in an individual's life is not how high the person has climbed in life but how many people the person has lifted up in life. This would include respect to the dignity of the human person. It also includes work in defense of women and those whose rights are denied. It takes courage to challenge and advocate for change of unjust structures in any society.To make a positive difference in the life of people would require a change of the way we think and conduct our daily activities.
Poverty, hunger and injustice persist because a great number of people are fleeing their responsibilities. SpringAid IntlD believes that the primary way to realizing a better world is through individual responsibility.