Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

World leaders are gathering in New York this weekend to adopt the 17 sustainable development goals 2030 on 27 September. Ending poverty is the first of the SDGs. Poverty still dehumanizes millions of people in the world. In Nigeria poverty holds sway, in the midst of plenty. It has been massive, pervasive, and engulfs a large proportion of Nigerians. Household unemployment and poverty has remained a dominant feature in Nigeria. Over 66% of the population of Nigeria are living in poverty. Together we can defeat poverty in Nigeria and across the globe.

The SDGs require our sincere engagement to make them realizable. We have to stand up against vested interests in Nigeria that are benefiting from the existence of poverty. As a nation, we have no business to be poor because we have more than enough resources for every Nigerian citizen. This is the fight SAID has been engaged since its establishment in 2009.

Using our integrated approach to grass-root development, we integrate many of the SDGs in our development activities, projects and programmes. Goal number 16 shows us that ending poverty will lead to peace that is eluding our world today. To achieve any of these goals, goal number 17 reminds us that forming partnership and collaboration, networks are important. This is why no one should sit by the way side. We cannot leave those who are the cause of poverty in the first place to be the ones who we entrust with ending poverty.

Let us join hands and help each other to break the bark of poverty.Once you have one square meal a day, please give a helping hand to other person to get a meal on the table. Please join us both in words and action. Do not just fold your hands and do nothing hoping that something will change. No, you are the change that is required. Together, we can make the change and defeat poverty in our time.

EtheI O. Development Director, SAID, Owerri