We'll get through this together!


SAID Nigeria Corona Emergency Relief Fund!

Many of us have been reading and hearing about millions of dollars/naira that individuals, companies and churches are donating to the Federal government to help mitigate the effect of the lockdown occasioned by the global corona pandemic.

The lockdown is putting the families of informal workers, especially daily laborers, at the risk of starvation, crime, and disease.

It is sad that while western countries and many other Asian and Arab countries are utilizing the churches and NGOs to reach the poor and vulnerable, our own churches who are in touch with the grassroots where the help is needed is donating money to the government. It should be the Government disbursing money and other sanitary materials through churches and NGOs to those daily wagers affected by COVID-19.

The financial impact of the lockdown, especially on families that survive on daily income - labourers, domestic help, taxi drivers, mechanics, barbers, petty traders, wielders, carpenters, bricklayers, restaurant waiters, beauticians/hairdressers have been far-reaching.

As this pandemic continues to upend people's lives and livelihoods and creates significant needs across the country and around the world, I wanted to share with you the initiative SAID Nigeria has launched to bring relief to poor and vulnerable families.

This Corona Emergency Relief Fund highlights citizen initiatives carried out to mitigate the economic crisis faced by vulnerable families. Hygiene kits are all it takes to help thousands of poor families, abandoned elderlies, urban slum dwellers, poor cancer patients and many others in need.

As the crisis around the COVID-19 pandemic grows, children in Nigeria and other countries are going hungry because of the coronavirus pandemic. I am reaching out one more time because the need is urgent.

Families in quarantine have no way to feed their children. They can’t leave their homes. They can’t earn money. These families already barely survived on the few dollars they earned each day.

Your gift right now will help us provide these families with basic food requirements.

You can help feed these children and help them survive this global crisis.

Children need your help now more than ever. Thank you for continuing to care for poor and marginalized and vulnerable children in this unprecedented time.

This intervention seeks to provide food support to such families and to help them have a reliable supply of meals in the absence of employment opportunities.

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, please take good care of yourself, your family, and your loved ones, find ways to help others, and remain connected with friends, neighbors, and your entire network — over time, we'll get through this together.

Will you join me in supporting communities, families, and children who are more vulnerable during this pandemic with a contribution of two thousand Naira (N 2000) to our Corona Emergency Relief Fund?

Contributions to the fund can be made payable to:

SpringAid International Development (SAID Nigeria) ACC NO 0032076902

Diamond/Access Bank PLC through

Nwosu-Okorie PrinceJoseph C.M

Communications Manager

SAID, Nigeria