Work on SAID Nigeria Maria Magdalena’s Women & Youth Entrepreneurship Centre progressing


We are delighted to partner with SAID Sweden and SAID UK to establish Maria Magdalena Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Centre to further economic opportunity for disadvantaged women and youth. It is a reinforcement of our commitment of enabling the marginalized people of Nigeria especially women and youth to build a better and brighter future for themselves, and a step forward towards creating the life they dream for themselves. Disadvantaged young people, including women, have fewer choices and opportunities to break out of the cycle of poverty. This calls for a more concerted effort by the government, civil society, the private sector and individuals. Providing access to education and livelihood, particularly for young people from marginalized backgrounds is a central focus of the global SAID family’s sustainability initiatives in the communities where we serve.

SAID Nigeria Maria Magdalena Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Center located in Ikenanzizi Obowo, Imo State is established to improve entrepreneurship opportunities for unemployed youth and women in Nigeria. By working with these marginalized groups to develop business skills and start small enterprises, SAID Nigeria hopes to reduce poverty in these areas. We focus on capacity building and working with clients to develop smart business plans. Our strategic vision is to be the voice of entrepreneurship in Imo State

At the core of SAID Nigeria’s mission is the concept that charity alone isn’t enough. We must take charity to a level that delivers measurable and sustainable change that is “owned” by the project participants and that leaves broad, lasting benefits. We prioritize the principles of self-determination, local engagement, and sustainability, both as means to and ends of our philanthropic goals.

Our methodology embraces also coaching for Employment and Entrepreneurship which is a set of tools for school-to-work transition and labour market accessibility for vulnerable groups. This methodology is based on a coaching cycle - 12month support for marginalized and vulnerable job seekers using the participant's Individual Development and Business Plan as main instruments. By strengthening the capacity of local women and youth-led businesses, this target group can develop the necessary social and economic capacity to transform life for their families and their communities. We encourage development and innovation, by fostering an innovative culture in communities especially among marginalized groups.

We know that we can win the fight against poverty, and we know that change is within reach. We have strong evidence about what solutions are effective, and we know how to implement them. Although we have many reasons to be proud, monumental challenges threaten the world’s community’s global resources and capacity.

SpringAid International Development(SAID) has not backed down from these challenges, and we remain committed to exerting all our available influence to help people in need and to urge world leaders to agree political solutions to end poverty in our world. No one needs be poor. There are enough resources for everyone’s need.

Thank you for being part of it. None of our success would be possible without the generosity of people and organizations like you. Thank you for everything you do to help us save lives and push for long-term change. With your support, we will never give up until the world is free from poverty, for everyone, for good. We are looking for partners in the implementation of the Centre’s activities which we hope will take off in September 2018. We are interested in working with stakeholders that particularly want to address the entrepreneurship gap especially in local communities as well as exploring methodological innovations and delivery mechanisms that offer solutions that lift people out of poverty. Teddy Ihens (SAID Nigeria, CEO).