World Malaria Day: Invest In the Future- Defeat Malaria

On this World Malaria Day 2015, SAID, Nigeria joins the world in marking the Day through a rally in three communities in Mbano. This is the day that we have the opportunity to create awareness about the advances, prevention and control strategies for this deadly disease.The World Health Organization is calling for high-level commitment to the vision of a world free of malaria. The theme for the year is: Invest in the future: Defeat Malaria. It was set by the Roll Back Malaria Partnership. This of course reflects the ambitious goals and targets set out in a draft post-2015 strategy to be presented to the World Health Assembly in May. The new strategy aims to reduce malaria cases and deaths by 90% by 2030 from current levels. The aim is to eliminate the disease from a further 35 countries by 2030.

In recent year, huge gains have been made in the fight against malaria, yet the disease still has a devastating impact on people’s health and livelihoods around the world, particularly in Africa, where it kills almost half a million children under 5 each year. Malaria kills one person every one minute in sub Saharan Africa.

It is regrettable that Malaria, a preventable sickness is still killing this number of people and yet there are effective tools to prevent and eliminate malaria. There is need for a moral and political will to put an end to the scourge of malaria. Malaria is one of the major causes of poverty in many communities in Nigeria as poor people spend the little they have in fighting this disease. The poor suffer more from the scourge of Malaria as the disease breed in poor, dirty and unhealthy environments.

In the coming years, SAID hopes to double its effort in the fight against malaria.

Vivian Orji
Communication Officer