A Drop in the Ocean, SAID Nigeria Social Housing


We just need 30 more gifts of $100 to hit our goal. Can you make a generous donation of $100 today? By giving today, your investment can change an entire family and community for the better. Every dollar brings us closer to reaching our goal of housing 185 people before the end of December 2018, so please consider donating as generously as possible, and help us give a shelter to families who otherwise wouldn’t dream of living in a decent home.

The house are 11 pieces of four-unit self-contained apartments in each block. The houses are giving free of charge to the beneficiaries. The houses are at different levels of completion. Water and light are also provided. Are you a native of Umuguma, Okuku or Owerri, we invite you to support this initiative. We are the ones to develop our communities.

When we wrote about our plan to build social housing for 48 families in Imo State, some laughed and thought that we couldn’t do it. We knew what we were talking. It was not the first thing we had embarked on such projects. In 2012, we built 45 rooms for indigent people living in situations of serious exigencies across Imo State. With the help of Nigerite, King Bedouin Foundation and Etex plc, we erected 8 unites of self-contained rooms in Umuguma for 8 families who were victims of Boko Haram in the North East.

There was no doubt in our minds that building for 48 families totaling about 185 persons would be challenging. We weren’t 100% certain how we would achieve the goal. Nevertheless, we knew we could do it. Now, we are so incredibly close. This social housing project is located at Umuguma and Okuku in Owerri, Imo State.

Nigeria has one of the worse and lowest mortgage finances in the world, (as a share of Gross Domestic Product) 0.5%; compared to 2% for Ghana and same 2% for Botswana. Our economic growth is non-inclusive, and this has impacted on the housing deficit that Nigeria suffers. In a paper – ‘Unleashing the Housing Sector in Nigeria and in Africa’, presented by former Nigerian Finance Minister, Ngozi Iwuala at the 6th Global Housing Finance Conference in Washington DC, Iwuala pointed out that these figures contrast sharply with estimated mortgage finance to GDP ratio of 80% for the UK, 77% for the USA and an average of 50% across Europe. It would be an understatement to say that this abysmal ranking on the mortgage finance scale show that the several mortgage financing initiatives by successive governments in the country have failed.

Globally, the world is experiencing a housing crisis. Many countries especially in the global south have developed schemes to give this challenge the urgency it requires. About 1.6 billion people globally, a UN report shows live in substandard housing.

Available data (for 2014) from the World Bank and the National Bureau of Statistics agree that Nigeria has an estimated housing deficit of over 17 million units. With an estimated population of almost 200 million, according to data from the United Nations, an annual population growth rate of 2.8 per cent (2015) and an annual urban population growth rate of 4.7 per cent, the housing crisis is rendering many Nigerians homeless and destroying people’s future and lives. Nigeria needs almost one million housing units annually; These statistics also show that over 100 million are living in sub-human shelters.

Although SAID Nigeria social housing program can be a drop in an ocean, yet, it is making real imapct and transforming real persons and families. We extend our deepest appreciations to all those who have made contributions towards this project.

Our target is for these poor and homeless people to pack into the houses by the end of December 2018.

With Gratitude,

Davis Ugo, SAID Nigeria