Within November and December 2019 a total of 401 school fees of indigent children were offset during the SpingAid International Development (SAID), Nigeria Back To School Programme which primarily was targeted on the indigent pupils and students of Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools schooling in private and mission schools in Imo State Nigeria whose parents annual income were not up to #20,000 per annum.

During the back to school Programme we encountered so many children within the age brackets of 7 years to 18 years that hawk sachet water, gala sausage, planting and potato chips, etc on the streets who approached us on their own when they learnt or got informed by other of their colleagues who dropped out of school due to their parents or guardians inability to pay their school fees which made them to resort to street hawking and indulgence to other social vices. It was also to our amazement that majority of them took a bold step and met us to share their ordeals along with their parents.

Their narrations were accompanied with a flowing tears running down their chin where they ended up with an appeal or request to be queued alongside other beneficiaries of Back Too School Programme of SAID Nigeria 2019/2020. However it was unfortunate that we couldn't absorb or enroll them along with the 401 pupils and students of Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools because of two main factors which are limited resources and their unavailable comprehensive data capture. That not withstanding and fortunately for them we later captured their basic data to reach them whenever we would be embarking on the 2020/2021 Back To School Programme of SAID Nigeria.

In our data sheet we don't have less than 401 school drop-out children currently whom SAID Back To School crew captured their basic details. Two days ago our office received calls from indigent children through parents and guardians for an assistance to send back the children to school as most of them that have gone back to school on their own were told by the school management that they will be driven home for school fees by next week being week 3 of the school resumption.

In this case we actually don't know what to tell them rather than to give them hope in the absence of needed resources (Money) that we will run to their aid.

It behoves on all and sundry to assist us (The SAID Nigeria Crew) by donating money to this minimum number of 401 school drop-out children to enable them go back to school as soon as possible.

Thanks and God bless you.

Nwosu-Okorie PrinceJoseph C.M

Communications Manager

SAID, Nigeria