Why do most people want to turn themselves to less privilege & indigent?

During the haunt or search for indigent children who have dropped out school or at the verge of dropping out of school during our second phase of "Back To School Programme", 2019, in five local government areas of Imo State, viz: Owerri North, Ikeduru, Ihitte-Uboma, Obowo and Ahiazu Mbaise;we discovered that 60% of average Nigerians are corrupt...

I wouldn't know if it's as a result of greed, selfishness, wickedness, extreme poverty or extreme moral bankruptcy that would make someone that is so trusted in the society to join us and recommend actual people that should be beneficiaries of a project, scheme or Charity project on the grounds of trust and respect would choose to disapoint us, defile and wave aside the terms and conditions given to him or her as the yardstick for selection of merit and went ahead to pen down members of his family and associates as indigent people and widows in most of our programmes.

Now what message I'm I trying to pass? When you are asked to give or deliver something to the widows, needy and to the indigent people and you convert it or corner it to your family members and associates, what you are simply doing is taking the state, position of the less privilege indirectly: It's an indirect prophecy you are declaring upon your head and that of your family members and associates.

When we refused to pay for such people that we know are better off than the core indigents and you will see them putting up all kinds of lies in defense that they are indeed needy people. One of such persons we met said "I don't know why you people are this strict to us, it's supposed not to be so naa..." If 60% of average Nigerians are corrupt how then do you expect change and qualitative leadership in Nigeria if they should assume any national leadership position tomorrow?

God help Nigerians.

PrinceJoseph C M Nwosu-Okorie

SAID, Nigeria Communications Manage