Water For Life

Project Name: Water For Life
Maryland, Egoro Amede

Project Justification/Background
Currently over 48% of people in Nigeria have access to safe water and with a population of 140 million; it means that about 72 million Nigerians are without safe water. This is alarming! This contributes to about 175,000 deaths due to diarrhea, malaria and typhoid, which together account for 70% of child illnesses and deaths. The cost in lost productivity, through both poor heath and the time spent collecting water, which is commonly five hours a day in the dry season is high.
Water is life. It cuts across the eight MDGs. To achieve the goals of the MDGs access to portable water is paramount.

Water is essential as a basic need. The closest stream is about four kilometres away. We need a borehole. We have plots of land where we plant some cash crops and vegetables for our use. Sometimes we need to irrigate these crops. The unavailability of water affects this negatively.
We have done the investigation and made a budget for the borehole but the community is not able to afford it. They have been involved in erecting the classroom blocks and a moderate home for the children.
At the moment, we have fifty-two orphan-children under our custody. Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, we hold a widow’s forum. These are the women who are involved in the poultry and vegetable projects.