About Us

SpringAid Development
SpringAid International Development organization is a membership based organization with the aim to strengthen the capacity of individuals, especially women and youth within the communities we serve to respond to their identified basics needs. The overall aim of SpringAidintlD is fighting poverty in all its forms through mobilizing local human and material resources to improve the lives of Nigerians by activities, projects and programmes that generate wealth and bring positive changes in people's lives. SpringAidIntlD works closely with local associations, groups and communities to design and support Human rights, democracy and good governance, gender equality, promote health and , advance education and skills training, Social housing, develop agribusiness and social business and small business enterprises. We work to ensure that poor people especially women, girls and youth have access to basic rights by means of structural poverty eradication, human rights and enhancement of democratic processes.

Our Vision
A society where human dignity and equality of all people on the globe are are acknowledged and respected.

To contribute in creating a just world through fighting poverty in all its forms, encouraging community philanthropy, solidarity, advocacy, public education programs, development projects, advocate for justice in social structures, and to call all Nigerians of good will to do the same.

Our Approach
We adopt an integrated right perspective to all our activities. We believe in participatory projects. We want to work with people not work for them. Therefore our method is to encourage community ownership of the projects we embark on. We work to achieve excellence in our field.

Please find below some frequently asked questions about SpringAid International Development. If your question is not answered here, please e-mail us at info@springaidnig.org.
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When was SpringAid International founded? SpringAid International is a partner organization to SpringAid Sweden and SpringAid United Kingdom and other local groups in Africa. These are independent nonprofit organizations, legally incorporated in Nigeria, Sweden and the United kingdom.

2. What is the mission of SpringAid International? We work to facilitate and mobilize communities and societies to harness its potentials in the best possible way through partnership with local communities, African Diaspora, encouraging community philanthropy, solidarity, advocacy, public education programs, development projects, advocate for justice in social structures, to root out the causes of poverty and give all people the opportunity to live a dignified life and to call all Nigerians of good will to do the same.

3. How is SpringAid International staffed? The organization has its office in Owerri Nigeria.

4. How is SpringAid International funded? SpringAid International is an independent not-for-profit foundation funded by a mix of public and private donors. If you would like to support the work of SpringAid, please write to info@springaidnig.org to find out how to become a donor.

5. Does SpringAid International award grants or scholarships? SpringAid International makes small grants twice in a year to organizations whose annual income is less than 1000 EUR. SpringAid does not award scholarships or grants to individuals.

6. How can I or my organization get involved in SpringAid International Development? Are you interested to partner or get involved in the work of SpringAid International, please e-mail getinvolved@springaidnig.org.

7. How can I find out about employment opportunities and internships? Employment Opportunities: The organization currently has no vacancies. Vacancies are posted when they become available.

8.Internships: SpringAid International offers a small number of internships to students and individuals who have passion for development, leadership and human rights. Welcome with your application to info@springaidnig.org. Our internships are given stipends. All intern placements require a commitment of a minimum of 5 hours per day.
9. I am a journalist and would like to request an interview with SpringAid International. Please send your request to media@springaidnig.org.

Contact Us
No 23 C Ihechiuwa, MCC Road, Ikenegbue Layout
Owerri, Imo State, +2348020929570