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SpringAid, as the name implies, hopes to bring a spring time in the life of individuals and communities. If you want as we hope a free, just and progressive Nigeria, join us today and become, a SpringAid International Development benefactor. As we are a non-profit organization offering free services of high-quality to our people, your contribution, whether monetary or in kind, one-off or recurrent, is important to us. You can join with us to work for the vision of SpringAid International Development by offering some of your time and expertise, infrastructure or equipment, media exposure or counseling, seed funding for our enterprenuer Fellows’ or financial support to our organization, or even by volunteering to help our operations or one of our events. Please visit the corresponding pages to learn more about how to get involved with SpringAid International Development by simply filling in a form. Yes, we can make a difference in Nigeria!


Membership of SAID NIGERIA is open to people of all tribe, colour and religion  including groups, organizations and corporate bodies who are ready to abide by the principles and vision of SAID NIGERIA.

Partners and Supporters

SpringAid  International Development Nigeria Partners and Supporters provide us with the all vital resources we need to realize our objectives. From proprietary knowledge, to publicity, to business services, to equipment, to office space, to funds and grants, the support of our Partners and Supporters is paramount for our Fellows to strengthen their focus and multiply the effect of their work. Becoming part of our efforts means sharing our bold vision and getting strongly associated with a dynamic non-profit organization that fosters and promotes important elements for a sustainable development in Africa. By supporting our actions, you will be helping the country build ethical, responsible, and just institutions. If you too want to use your resources to help make the Nigeria you like to see, join us now!


As a non-profit organization, SpringAid International Development is on constant look out for talented individuals who would like to contribute their time and skills on a part-time or ad-hoc basis. Both our day-to-day operations and our events can benefit from the enthusiasm and dedication that volunteers bring to everything they take up. Volunteering in non-profit activities is an important way to contributing in building a nation that values all human life equally and helps them lift themselves out of poverty. Have the passion to serve human dignity and provide a life worthy of humans for all people of Nigeria; please volunteer to serve with us.

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