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Credit Advance Platform, CAP, is a platform through which we offer credit facilities to two set of families, namely, those who are living or affected by HIV/AIDS AND to poor and marginalized families who because of poverty are unable to send their children to school or who due to financial constraints their children dropped out of school. In the latter, we prioritize young women who are entrepreneurs or want to become mom-preneuers.

SAID Nigeria CAP targets first and foremost those who have passed through our Maria Magdalena Entrepreneurship Center. The Center promotes the cultivation of entrepreneurship culture and mind-set. It includes training in business establishment, management, bookkeeping, budgeting, and general financial education. Under this program SAID Nigeria advances a micro zero interest loan to women and Girls who run Small Business Enterprise between 50—100 thousand naira per recipient.
We expect that the families must be active in the business for which the credit has been advanced while at the same time participate actively in SAID Nigeria capacity building through its Local Entrepreneurship Access Programme (LEAP), which empowers poor women by helping them establish consistent sources of livelihood. It is meant as an incentive to help them learn and start small enterprise to fend for their families and to send their children back to school.
Through mentoring, SAID Nigeria advises, credit recipients in business skills and monitors their progress. Mentoring in small business is part of the ordinary programme of SAID Nigeria. This credit is accessed through our LEAP and our Ensuring Access to Education Programme (EATBEP).
This micro credit program is to contribute to the employment and social inclusion of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups especially women and girls. With this we support entrepreneurship of vulnerable groups (people with disabilities, those with limited education. We know from experience that very little amount as fifty to hundred thousand naira (N50.000-100,000) can impact as many lives as possible for the better.
Studies and experience show that small businesses are the engines of job growth in any developing economy. We are a platform that gives you the opportunity to invest or give small loans to the poor and vulnerable women. We concentrate on Enterprise Development loans, Education and Training loans.
Nigerian’s highest aspirations can never be realized if we leave behind women who are more than 50% of the population of the country. Because when every member of our society can succeed, our communities are stronger, and our nation is stronger. Investing in marginalized women through credit advancement, strengthening civil rights advocacy and civic participation is crucial to advancing social and economic justice in any community especially for women.
How does it work?
We partner with credible grassroots organizations to identify deserving borrowers. Then we link them to people who are willing to fund them. The borrower gets hundred percent of the loan received. We act as facilitators and ensure the sustainability of the partnership. This removes the fear of lack of accountability that borrowers might otherwise indulge in.
To facilitate this transaction, SAID Nigeria charges its partners 2% fee for the funds raised. This helps in the sustainability of this important work.
For Lenders
This is a loan, not a donation or handout. Within 12 months, the lender receives back 100% of the money they have lent. We are most grateful for all those who help us to impact as many lives as possible through this program. Do you want to lend to our beneficiaries? Please send a mail to
We give loans between 50-100 thousand naira.
Please send your request by e: mail- to or send us a mail. To qualify for credit, the candidate needs to demonstrate proof of a viable business idea. Interested? Please give us a call! We will get back to you. Thank you!
CAP Coordinator, SAID Nigeria
+234 703 5345 700
May 2022