Since our inception, the promotion of Entrepreneurship has been one of SAID Nigeria’s focus areas.  Many people have been supported on their journey to building a profitable business. The success of this Program has led to the bulding of Maria Magdalena Entreprenuership Centre in Alike Ikenanzizi, Obowo, a facilty that serves as the school of entrepreneurship for different levels of people. It caters for the teaming university graduates in Nigeria who are unemployed and not prepared for what businesses need; for those young people who dropped out of school and thirdly for the promotion of entreprenuership in primary and secondary schools.

There are millions of Nigerian graduates roaming the towns and cities unemployed. Many of these graduates have business ideas that could be realized with some innovative help. The program helps Nigerians with business concepts to develop them into full business plans, provide a place for internship and help them start their own businesses. We take entrepreneurship so much needed in Nigeria one step further. We shall be helping encourage a culture of innovation and social entrepreneurship in Nigeria. There is tremendous lack of practicality in what students are taught in our universities in Nigeria.

Social entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses so their innovative ideas turn into high-impact solutions to the world‘s social and environmental challlenges. Today, there is a meeting of business and development. Nonprofit organisations are increasingly being seen as an important part of the business ecosystem. We think globally and act locally. Our resource persons are both based in Europe and Nigeria and are themselves successful business women and men. Internship could be arranged in Europe or Nigeria.

Within LEAP, we run our Access To Basic Education Program (ABE), which is otherwise known as BACK TO SCHOOL Program.