About Us

SpringAid International Development organization works directly with our Sister Organization, which are independent and autonomous organizations. Together, SpringAid International and SpringAid Sweden engage in projects and programs for the socio-economic, cultural, political development of Africa with a special a focus on Nigeria.

SpringAid International works to ensure that poor people especially women, girls and youth have access to basic rights by means of structural poverty eradication, human rights and enhancement of democratic processes and creation of wealth. Through education and information technology we can change the way our people think and use our resources. Our nation needs intelligent people who can think of new ways to solve our social and development challenges. The future can be better than today and every individual has a moral responsibility to make it so. We can help our people to maximize their potentials and to embrace the opportunities around them and thus bring economic opportunities to everyone.

SpringAid International Development was founded in 2009 by Chikezie Onuoha PhD, a bioethicist and lecturer at Newmaninstitutet Uppsala, Sweden who has over 25 years of experience in the non-governmental and social innovation sectors with a passion for the challenges that face our world.