Happening At SpringAid Entrepreneurship Development Centre
Our Entrepreneurship Development Centre is part of SAID Nigeria Local Access Entrepreneurship Programme (LEAP). The Center was built through the collaboration of SpringAid International Development (SAID Sweden) amd its partners, SAID UK and some other local partners.
The Centre has about four seminar/classrooms, two-event halls, two office rooms, library room, music studio, a storeroom, a kitchen, computer studio, and a self-contained room for facilitators or trainers who visit the center and would stay for sometime.
Most of our training activities now take place at our building, SAID Nigeria's Entrepreneurship Development Center, Ikenanzizi, Alike- Amato Obowo- Imo State. This resource center is open to other organizations, companies, or individuals. All kinds of activities, marriage receptions, workshops, trainings, conferences, and celebrations could be held at this center. It is not profit making. All incomes through renting this facility go hundred percent into community development projects.
The activities of the Entrepreneurship Centre are both short term and long-term. Short-term aims to make sure vulnerable children are helped to go back to school and to complete their education through our Ensuring Access To Basic Education Programme (EATBEP), in other words Back To School, while long-term is to help these target groups break the cycle of poverty and create for themselves, families and communities sustainable livelihood.
This Center aims also to provide unskilled, economically, socially marginalized, unemployed women, girls, and youths life skills development as sustainable Poverty Graduation Program.
Other activities conducted at the Centre include development and management of small enterprises, financial literacy, trainings in best agricultural practices, catering and events management, bookkeeping, mentorship.
The center also conducts seminars, counseling, and conferences for women and youths supporting the spiritual growth of beneficiaries through an integral development of the whole person.
SAID Nigeria has also a Health and Wellbeing Programme as well as a Right to Housing Programme or Social Housing Programme cordinated at the centre.. Under latter, three hundred and eight (308) extremely poor and homeless people have been helped to have their own modest apartments.
Many women and their families have also benefited from the Credit Advance Platform (CAP) programme which gives start up grants to families who are poor and marginalized to start small enterprises that ensure a livelihood to support themselves and their families.
Hundreds of girls have been spared the horrors of female genital mutilation (FGM) through SAID Nigeria advocacy. Further many undernourished children have helped through the provision of multivitamin supplied by Vitamin Angels, USA.
The rural communities where most poor and hungry people live can only prosper when they have the tools to lift themselves out of poverty and are efficiently connected to markets, and when the economy can provide the reliable tax revenues to fund community services like schools and health centers.
We have been able to make all the impact without any institutional funding or any regular partner funding. Consider what we could do together with your partnership. This is no time to sit on the fence. You too, can be the change you want to see in your community and in our world.
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Teddy Ihens